M’burg football history is long and proud

Reprinted by Debbi Young - Mechanicsburg Public Library

Reprinted from The Telegram Oct. 3, 1957


Like the Civil War which pitted brother against brother, football fights between Mechanicsburg and Triad High Schools see father versus son.

Mendell Beattie, 49, is principal and football coach at Triad High School, and his son, Henry Beattie, 27, is head basketball and assistant football coach at Mechanicsburg High.

Their rivalry leads to a lot of friendly arguments, talking for hours about the same things but not always in perfect agreement.

They opposed each other once last year on the football field, Mechanicsburg winning 36-6.

The senior Beattie is a basketball fan and coached cage teams for 17 years. He was basketball’s “Ohio Coach of the Year” in 1941.

Triad defeated Mechanicsburg 51-50 once on the hardwood last season, and the Indians beat Triad 57-56, whipping the rivalry between fan father and coach son to a white heat.

In college at Cedarville, O., young Beattie played on basketball and football teams –both coached by his father.

NOTE: Mechanicsburg won the football game versus Triad in 1957.


Reprinted from The Telegram

August 28, 1991

“Writer of McBurg’s Fight Song Returns”

By Stan Oliver

Telegram Correspondent

Many students play, sing or listen to the school fight song but don’t know where it came from.

William Jones can tell you, because he wrote it when he was a ninth grader at Mechanicsburg High School.

Jones was recently back in town to visit his family. He was born in Mechanicsburg the son of Orland and Rubie Jones in 1934.

He graduated from Mechanicsburg High School in 1952 and furthered his education at Ohio State University with education and music.

He worked for William Saxbe for two years. In 1964, he went to graduate school to get his masters degree in social work. In 1969, he moved to New Jersey.

Today, he and his wife Eulah live in Mt. Clair, NJ. He works for the Newark, New Jersey Board of Education.

Some of his hobbies are reading and music. He is the director of the hand bell choir at his church.

“The town hasn’t changed much,” Jones said. “The people are still friendly.”

The Jones’ love to travel and have been to Europe, Canada, Mexico, all over the United States and to Bermuda where Eulah was born.

Eulah has some famous cousins, too. One is the Mayor of Hamilton, Bermuda, and one is a former Miss World.

William Jones has one sister, Kathleen Bunch of Mechanicsburg and two brothers, Orland of Springfield and Eugene of Mechanicsburg. A sister Elizabeth is deceased.

He remembers some of the teachers like TW Thompson, Thompson Pigg and Don Sweet. He also remembers the old days of the Mechanicsburg High School Marching Band going up Main Street in the Memorial Day Parade to the cemetery, just like it’s done today. When he wrote the school song he put it into a contest which hewon. Until then there was no song. The words were put to the music of the University of Southern California’s song.

The Mechanicsburg Fight Song goes like this: Fight on MHS, and show the team that we’re the best, and when the game is ov’r, we will have a great big score, Mechanicsburg fight on, Mechanicsburg fight on, fight on.

At football games in the past and future, William Jones song will help build the players spirit to do their best.

Reprinted by Debbi Young

Mechanicsburg Public Library