County fair was top news in 1950

The Daily Telegram, August 11, 1950


The trophy given by the Mechanicsburg FFA for the Grand Champion Pen of Barrows was won by Mark Underwood of Westville, at the Champaign County Fair.

On their Guernseys, J. H. Ayars and son, Billie Hugh Ayars, won three firsts; two seconds and two fourths, in addition to grand champion, on cows four years old and over.

The demonstration team from Mrs. William Staffin’s nutrition club won first in demonstration. The team was Marcella Eades and Mary Pauline Bullard.

In the style show, the club headed by Mrs. Donald Davis, won three placements. Janet Davis won 5th on “easy to make cotton dress” and Donna Butz won 3rd, and Linda Davis 4th on undergarments.

V. G. Hinton won sweepstakes on his garden display.

Ruth Byerly won first on lamb and John Wing and James Ream both won red ribbons on lambs.

The following are the grades made by individual members of the various local 4-H Clubs.

Happy Bakers: yeast breads: Mary Anderson, A; Marcella Eades, A; Janice Edwards, B; Sue Cunningham, B; Jane Hinton, A; and Mary Bullard, A. The advisor is Mrs. William Staffen.

Merry Stitchers: sewing: Ann Byerly, C; Sonja McFann, C; Carlos Tooker, A and B; Chloe Rutan, C; Judy McFann, B; Elizabeth Gregg, B; Jane Wing, A; and Marjorie Eades, A. Mrs. Carl Sparks is the advisor.

Busy Bakers: Joyce Travis, B; Margaret Travis, B; Marcella Hamer, C; Patsy Michael, A; Beverly Culp, A; and Patty Love, A. The advisor is Mrs. Quinn Harlan.

Shamrock Sewers: Barbara Gibson, C; Shirley James, B; Martha Vodermark, C; Mary Love, C; Carolyn Shelpman, B; and Nancy Anderson, C. Mrs. Hershel Gibson is their advisor.

Mutual Merry Maids: cooking: Phyllis Baird, A; Ruth Fitzgiven, A; Elaine Burnside, A; and Emily Ervin, B. Mrs. Carl Fought is the advisor.

Jolly Cooks: baking: Sue Patecell, B; Rebecca Roseberry, B; Jane Westfall, B; Shirley Moore, B; Donna Meeks, B; Margaret Midgley, B; Kitty Belle Ferryman, B. The advisor is Mrs. Howard Westfall.

Needle and Thread: sewing: Belinda Sue Gregg, B; Janet Shockey, B; Donna Butz, B; Martha Carmean, B; Shirley Moore, B; Linda Davis, B; Janet Davis, A; Nancy Hunt, A; Faith Tooker, B; Patty Conwell, B; and Margaret Midgley, B. Mrs. Donald Davis is the advisor.

Fahrenheit Girls: baking: Gwendolyn Grimes, A; Phyllis Edwards, B; Joy Grimes, C; Darlene Grimes, C; and Patricia Edwards, B. The advisor is Mrs. Frank DeSantis.

Goshen Girls: sewing: Dorothy Violet, A; Sue Gaver, A; Eva Mae Turner, B; Marlene Jones, A. Mrs. Leonard Hinton is their advisor.

Blossoming Bouquets: flower garden: Patty Love, A; Marcella Hamer, B; and Janet Shockey, A. Mrs. Quinn Harlan is the advisor.

Bees Sting, Gas Explodes, Worker Maimed

George Brittin, a part-time worker at the Maple Grove Cemetery, ran into a bees nest while trimming hedge Thursday.

First, the bees stung him. He retaliated by attempting to burn out the nest with gasoline.

As he ignited the gasoline it exploded and burned him about the hands and face. He was treated at a physician’s office.