Telegram chronicled EMT saga

Reprinted by Debbi Young - Mechanicsburg Public Library

Reprinted from The Telegram, June 14, 1977

“Burg EMT Class Trains”

During the past seven weeks, the members of the Mechanicsburg Emergency Medical Service have been receiving instructions in the pre-hospital life saving techniques for the citizens of Mechanicsburg.

According to instructor, Glenn R. Higginbotham, a certified Trade and Industrial Service Instructor, the class is making excellent progress.

The service is a volunteer organization and the training is provided as part of public service programs of the Trade and Industrial Education in cooperation with the Ohio Hi-Point Vocational School.

The training program is provided in conformance with standards set by the US Department of Transportation, the State Department of Education and the State Emergency Medical Technician-Ambulance Training Advisory Committee.

The class of fourteen members is now in its fifteenth session having studied CPR, which includes heart massage, childbirth, fractures, drug abuse and many other required sectional courses.

Members of the class are Colvin Bear, J.D. Wiant, Barbara King, Sue Knox, Debbi Moore, Jerry Baldwin, Bennie Cligrow, Jay Williams, Wayne Moore, Barbara Goffinett, Gary Goffinett, Steve King, John McKinney and Tom Rice.


Reprinted from The Telegram, July 26, 1977

“EMT Class Simulates Accident and Rescue”

Mechanicsburg EMT class took part in a very realistic accident simulation on July 18.

Two wrecked autos furnished by Henry Zimmerman Wrecking Co. were overturned in a field just outside of Mechanicsburg on Rt. 559.

Pretend victims were covered with realistic looking blood, latex wounds and victims were placed in positions unknown to the EMT class. A child was placed several feet away from the fake wreck and simulated unconsciousness to give trainees the opportunity to search for unexpected victims thrown clear from the wreckage who were unable to summon help.

One ‘victim’ was suspended from seat belts with multiple injuries that had passers-by aghast at the reality of the accident.

EMT’s reacted favorably according to their instructors, Glen Higgenbottom who watched with Emergency Squad Box No. 13 from Urbana to see if their students were able to handle an accident simulation properly.

The very real looking accident and subsequent rescue that had volunteers popping windshields to rescue trapped victims, caused passers-by to stop and offer aid or to look horrified at the blood covered victims.

EMT trainees have two more months of training including on-the-job training at a hospital emergency room. The class has 14 active members.


Reprinted from The Telegram, Aug. 9, 1977

“Mayor Asks EMT Volunteers”

Mayor Frank Gregg has again appealed to those interested in taking EMT classes to register with the police dispatcher in the Mechanicsburg Municipal building. Volunteers are badly needed to round out a second class in order to maintain around the clock community ambulance service. EMT trainees are inviting women to participate as equipment allows them the necessary leverage to rescue victims and to carry them without undue strain. Instructor Glenn Higgenbottom will meet with prospective trainees at the municipal building on Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. Gregg emphasizes the fact that volunteers are urgently needed.


Reprinted from The Telegram, December 6, 1977

“Emergency Squad in Operation”

The Mechanicsburg Emergency Squad is now in operation. After nearly a year of planning, soliciting donations for the ambulance and volunteer classes training under Ray Higgenbottom, the first class is certified and ready for action. The section class has completed its training and is waiting state certification. The second class will serve as drivers until the verification is received.

A third class is expected to start training the first week in January. Trainees undergo life saving techniques, dealing with coronary pulmonary respiration, administration of oxygen, moving fracture patients safely by the aid of backboards, childbirth, and most other factions of emergency medical service.

Trainees also are instructed in simulated accident scenes to extricate victims trapped in automobiles, administer emergency aid, and to transport the victim to the ambulance without further injury.

Operation started at 6 a.m. Dec. 5 Technicians have radio beepers in their homes that alert them when they are to answer an emergency call. They will be on call on shifts until the next group is alerted to stand by.

The number for the ambulance is 834-2600. Mayor Frank Gregg has advised that the number be cut out and placed near the home phone.

NOTE: The articles mention Glenn Higgenbottom and Higginbotham. The name is spelled as it was printed in each of the original 1977 articles.

Reprinted by Debbi Young

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