North Lewisburg appoints fiscal officer

By Christopher Selmek -

NORTH LEWISBURG – The North Lewisburg Village Council appointed Jennifer McCombs as fiscal officer with a unanimous roll call vote at the regular meeting on Feb. 13. Later in the meeting council passed an ordinance allowing the fiscal officer to live outside the village. McCombs has a North Lewisburg address, but lives just outside village limits.

McCombs will formally join the staff on Feb. 20. Mayor Cheryl Hollingsworth said she received 22 resumes by mail for the position, screened them, then asked a committee to review the final three candidates.

Council adopted the 2018 edition of the Ohio Basic Code.

“This is the new edition of Ohio Basic Code,” explained village Administrator Andy Yoder in response to a question from council member John Collier. “We adopt it every year. Basically there are a few updates or changes. This is what the local police department uses primarily for all their traffic citations and things of that nature. We get multiple copies and we keep one here for the mayor’s court, we send one to the municipal court, and the prosecutor gets one.”

Council also passed a resolution authorizing the village administrator to sit in place of mayor on the Champaign County Health District Board and Advisory Council.

At the conclusion of the meeting the council went into an executive session to discuss personnel matters, then adjourned.

By Christopher Selmek

Christopher Selmek can be reached at 937-508-2304.

Christopher Selmek can be reached at 937-508-2304.