Village council approves personnel items

By Nick Walton

NORTH LEWISBURG – The village council approved personnel items during the July 11 regular council meeting.

Following an executive session, council returned to regular session and approved recruiting a contractor to fill in for Village Fiscal Officer Diane Davis. Mayor Cheryl Hollingsworth said due to Davis being ill the village wants to recruit someone to fill in during her absence on an hourly basis at a rate not to exceed $40 per hour.

Council also approved the completion of a job description by employees for position evaluation by Clemmons Nelson Consultants and approved recruiting and hiring a grant writer to pursue various grants for sidewalks, parks and paths.

Ohio Checkbook

Council listened to a presentation about the state treasurer’s Ohio Checkbook program.

Lauren Gowen, from the state treasurer’s office, said in December 2014 the treasurer’s office moved forward with making state expenditure information available online in a digital platform.

“You can track how every last dime of taxpayer dollars at the state level is spent across every state agency,” Gowen said on the Ohio Checkbook website.

Since launching this, Gowen said, the office has spread to local governments in an attempt to accomplish the same efforts at the local level.

“We are looking to build a platform for the village that would house your public information related to the expenditure items of the village so that it’s available in a very easy and accessible way and the information is visualized in a format that’s really easy to understand,” Gowen said.

An example packet showing the platform created for St. Paris was provided to council.

After listening to the presentation and answering questions, council approved moving forward as a participant with the Ohio Checkbook.

Street paving projects

Hollingsworth said she and Village Administrator Andy Yoder have been working on the 2018 Ohio Public Works Commission paving project. She said the project total for 2018 is $441,900 and will consist of a $300,000 grant and a $93,291 loan which is an 11 percent match.

Hollingsworth said the streets the village has applied for include Townsend Street, South Sycamore Street, Curtis Drive, Dooley Drive, West Elm Street, Lincoln Place, Winder Street, and Young Street.

In August, Hollingsworth said, the village will start street paving for 2017. Following a bid opening, she said this project was awarded to A&B Asphalt saving the village about $45,000.

Hollingsworth noted the Champaign County Engineer’s Office is chipping and grinding pavement on the bridge located on East Street.

“They’re doing that so when they come in and pave East Street in August it will all be level and there won’t be a lump so they’re taking all that out and then they’re going to seal the underneath portion of the bridge to prevent it from rusting and they’re also going to be lifting the sides of the rail so that they’re higher and more inline with what’s going on in the other part of the village,” Hollingsworth said. “If the rain would cooperate a tiny little bit we’ll get that done in a week and have the street back open.”

Hollingsworth noted the paving for this year will include East Street, East Elm Street, South Sycamore Street, Lloyd Drive, and Abbey Lane.

In other action:

•Council held a brief conversation about medical marijuana within the village. Hollingsworth said council needs to decide if it would be allowed to be cultivated or sold out of storefronts in the village. She asked council to speak with their neighbors and people in the village about the subject before any action is taken.

•Council approved a resolution establishing guidelines for groundwater recharge requirements for development in the village.

•Mechanicsburg Police Capt. Scott Bodey said since the last council meeting there were 50 traffic stops with 24 warnings and 26 citations.

•Hollingsworth thanked everyone involved in the fireworks festival. The event was put on by North Lewisburg Fireman’s Association and Triad Junior Baseball.

•Hollingsworth thanked the North Lewisburg Methodist Youth Fellowship for raking leaves and planting flowers at the ballpark.

By Nick Walton

Nick Walton can be reached at 937-652-1331 Ext. 1777 or on Twitter @UDCWalton.

Nick Walton can be reached at 937-652-1331 Ext. 1777 or on Twitter @UDCWalton.