Past board member supports incumbents

By Danny Gaver

To the community of Mechanicsburg:

As I try to comprehend the devastation of recent hurricanes and the displaced lives of thousands of people, I suddenly became aware of how truly blessed I am to live in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. I was also very blessed to work with the Mechanicsburg Schools Board of Education for many years and to see their amazing dedication to our community and to our children.

The current Board is very much in tune with policies that create a disciplined atmosphere to demonstrate what the real world requires for students to be respectful, and to be successful after graduation. The Board requires that academics come first above anything else. Grades 5 through 10 now have one to one computers, where students have the ability to purchase their own computer over an extended period, and they are expanding this program to more and more students each year. The Board always deeply values the safety for our children and recently hired a school resource officer (security guard) to ensure their protection.

The Board has overseen the successful renewal of all tax levies for ten years, and a permanent improvement levy in 2013, an emergency levy in 2014, and a continuing income tax levy in 2015.

The success of these levies has been based upon trust and the generosity of the community, and this Board constantly searches for ways to avoid coming to the community for future levies unless it is totally necessary. The Board has been faced with many unpopular decisions such as downsizing to remain within budget. These are the most difficult and heart wrenching decisions, but I can assure you that the Board has taken these decisions seriously to balance maintaining proper staffing levels with ensuring that they do not burden our community with increased tax and renewal levies for many years to come. As able, the Board has approved the restoration of positions since 2013. For Fiscal Year 2013, the school’s ending unencumbered balance was $57,381.29. As a result of the decisions of this Board, as Fiscal year 2017, the school’s unencumbered balance is $5,463,230.45.

Tough decisions have had to be made to create a secure financial position and ensure the future of our school. Although difficult, this Board has been willing to make these hard decisions for the prosperity of our community and our children. I have total trust in their devotion and loyalty, and I can assure you that they will continue to put our community and children first if re-elected. Please join me and support our current Board of Education for re-election: Brian Forrest, Scott DeLong and Mack DeLong.

Thank you and God Bless. Go BURG!

By Danny Gaver

Danny Gaver is former member of the Mechanicsburg Board of Education

Danny Gaver is former member of the Mechanicsburg Board of Education


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